Borrego Springs Community Identification - WELCOME Sign Project

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In Spring 2023, the County announced that it might have some funding for new communityid/welcome signs for towns in the unincorporated areas. The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group encouraged the formation of a committee to pursue the idea of new signage.The County has since decided not to offer funding, but the committee elected to forge ahead with the idea of new welcome signage as a way to help promote our community to visitors and foster the pride of place we have for Borrego Springs.

The Commitee's goals are:

1. Achieve broad community outreach letting residents know about the project.

2. Obtain maximum input from the community and our visitors via surveys, available in both paper and digital formats.

3.. Use the input to develop 1 to 3 designs for community review and comment before finalizing a design. Timeframe for this step is winter/spring 2024.

The Survey will first be available at the Borrego Village Association information booth at Borrego Days on October 20 - 21. The Survey will also be made available to fill out on line, and after Borrego Days we will be available at various places in the community. Check back here over. the next two weeks for the weblink / QR code and pick up locations.

For more in formation or any questions you may have please email us at