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The results are in of Borrego Springs first-ever community survey regarding welcome signage, known by the County as “community identification” signage. A total of 263 responses were received: 60% from full-time residents, 28% from seasonal residents and 12% from visitors.

An overwhelming majority, 90% of respondents, thought the need for new welcome signage is important. This response is a green light for the grass-roots signage committee to continue its efforts to design, build and install welcome signage.

Responses to the other questions posed in the survey follow:

  • The most popular choices for construction materials were stone, metal, or a combination of stone and metal.
  • A medium size sign (5’ X 8’) was favored by 65% of respondents while 30% voted for a larger size (15’ X 10’). There was very little support, 5%, for a small sign.
  • A majority of respondents, 65%, felt the sign should say “Welcome to Borrego Springs” rather than simply “Borrego Springs.”
  • The most popular descriptors were almost a tie between “Dark Sky Community” (47%) and “Gateway to Anza Borrego Desert State Park” (44%).
  • Including a depiction of a Borrego/Big Horn Sheep was favored by 56% of respondents, twice as many as the next most favored depiction - mountains (23%).

The most creative write-in suggestion was to depict a star map of the constellation Aries which effectively says “The Ram.” Other write-in comments included: “There is a vintage charm to the town. Don’t go modern with the sign. As California has more and more new towns, Borrego’s history is key to its charm.” and, “Less is more. Keep it simple in the park.”

Almost 90% of respondents felt that the foot of Montezuma Grade is the top priority location for a welcome sign. The runner-up locations were Borrego Springs Road heading west just past the American Legion, and S22 heading west by the airport.

The survey results are statistically significant, meaning that we can feel confident the data accurately represents the consensus of the community. The survey was available in both paper hard copy and digital format with a QR code that linked to Survey Monkey. It was produced in both English and Spanish. Hard copies and the QR code were at the library, the Post Office, the Community Resource Center and other locations around town. Information about the survey was printed in the Borrego Sun, The Center/Mall newsletter which is delivered to every PO Box, posted multiple times on the Facebook “Borrego Springs 92004” page, and handed out at a booth at the Borrego Days Festival. 

The survey was available to take from October 21, 2023 to January 5, 2024. Respondents were from a broad cross-section of the community including Spanish speaking residents, high school students, community leaders, full-time and part-time residents and a handful of visitors.

The next steps for the Signage Committee are to obtain funding to commission 1 - 3 designers who will utilize the survey results and county parameters to develop concept designs. These prototype designs will be presented to the community for further input.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey. Stay tuned for updates as we progress to the goal of installing welcome signage the community can be proud of.

For more information contact Jim Dion, Borrego Village Association at