Current Golfer and Future Veterinarian Laurynn Strait

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I’ve lived in Borrego Springs four years, and I’m now a Junior at the high school. In my Freshman year, I was asked if I wanted to be on the golf team. Hesitant at first, I soon realized that golf really is the thing here in Borrego. My Grandpa loved golf, and the family tradition and his memory inspired me. So, I decided to give it a shot.

The beginning was quite rough because I couldn’t match up my focus with my swing. I wanted to kill the ball, but all I did was struggle. I was also the only girl on the team, so I didn’t have another girl to relate to. I wanted to quit this sport – it was horrible!

Golf isn’t the easiest sport, but what sport really is? And since I’m not a quitter, I persevered. And those struggles and bad feelings? They ended up lasting only a week! The coaches here are brilliant, my team members are great, and there are other girls on the team now, too.

Practice makes perfect, they say, and I now practice four times a week. I especially love to be out on the driving range, watching my balls fly, but also the excitement of matches and tournaments. And I’ve gotten better and better by learning to focus on what I’m doing. I’m especially proud to be the only grandchild in the family taking on the sport of golf.

I play volleyball, too, a great team sport, but I’m kind of in my own world when playing golf; I’ve definitely fallen in love with it. I look forward to playing golf through my Senior year, and in my future as an adult.

I write in a journal about my unique experiences here in Borrego, including experiences with and feelings for animals. I’ve been in 4H for two years, ride horses up in Julian, and I plan on going to U.C. Davis and becoming a veterinarian. Animals are my inspiration, and in my heart, all I want to do is help them.

So, together with family and friends who give me great support in my choices, these are all parts of my great Borrego experience.