Mountain Biking

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Each morning I wake up and think to myself, "Where should I go today?".  I feel like a kid every time I get on my bike and ride through Anza Borrego.  The roads leading up washes are truly spectacular and I'm always curious what I will find around the next corner.  I usually ride on 4" tires and feel like I can glide through anything; rocky roads, loose sand, even the occasional stream crossing up Coyote Canyon.  Another favorite place to ride is through the Borrego Sink.  It's fun to follow animal tracks and piece together the story of where the coyotes and jack rabbits were headed the night before.  After a long day at work, going for a sunset ride is truly spectacular as the sky turns pink and the long shadows lead the way home.  But perhaps my favorite rides are under a full moon.  When I turn off the headlight and ride through the desert under the glow of the moon I get a peaceful feeling that makes me proud to call Borrego home.

A. Shumway