Wonder and Amazement

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Each day we wake up as ordinary human beings who are far from perfect! Yet the desert appears to be in tune with the seasons and over time the plants and earth have adapted to the elements and survived. There is a lot to learn from nature and we have to fit in!

From my own personal perspective, sharing the adventure of hiking trails throughout one of the larger State Parks in the United States and just two hours from San Diego, Riverside and Palm Springs ... my enthusiastic spirit connects with vigor. Highlights from topics such as botany, geology, archaeology and paleontology are just a few of the outstanding features that are part of Anza-Borrego State Park. Whether amidst a super bloom or just passing through the vast open space of the desert, the story is the same . . . wonder and amazement.

My first hike in Borrego State Park was led by Amy Brewster, a renowned volunteer with a passion for the outdoors. What I want you all to do said Amy . . . is to write a poem. My initial thought was that I could not possibly do that. Yet I did. It is fun to take the time to put pen to paper and let your inner self write the story!

The spectacular night sky lights up as thousands of stars wheel around the North Star. The splendid constellations befitting myths and legends set the imagination on a journey through time and the wonder of this universe.

Over and above is the special connection that the Borrego people have with the desert. Exploring throughout the park is never ending. Enjoy!


“Little Grand Canyon” located via the road to Coyote Canyon. Park at Desert Gardens for a moderately 2.5 mile round trip hike up a wash abounding in ocotillo and cholla heading in a northerly direction. The spectacular Beaver tail cacti thrive in this area and show the way with their magenta color. Unmarked, the trail is mostly flat walking with one short-cross country scramble up a rocky incline. Little Grand Canyon will surprise you with a majestic view of a desert abyss. I consider it to be jaw dropping and worth the trip.

Check for further information at the Visitor Center. Hiking boots, water, hat, snack and hiking pole should be on your list and above all, let someone know your intentions.

Dianne Owen