Butterfield Stage Coach Route

Put a stamp on it!  From 1858 to 1861 the Overland Mail route was an essential component of settling the west as mail, and people, from Saint Louis headed to San Francisco.  Although John Butterfield's mail contract was rather short lived due to the civil war, the route continued to be developed and can still be enjoyed today.  The route through Anza Borrego was initially developed by American Indians and expanded upon by teams of Spanish explorers. 

Today you can drive and hike sections of the route as you traverse across the southern section of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  Vallecito Station was one of the most  famous stops along the route and a great place to start your journey through the "Little Valley".  Primitive and developed camping is available both in ABDSP and at  Vallecito County Park.  Come explore the history, camp, hike, relax... and if you like folklore ask about "The White Lady of Vallecito"!  Looking for a longer adventure?  Consider exploring the Butterfield Stage Coach Route as it traverses across multiple states by clicking here.