Graphics You Can Trust

“Personal Attention to Your Printing Needs”

42 years in Printing. 22 years in Borrego Springs.

Logo Design/Branding. Business Cards. Brochures. Signs. Banners. Flyers.
Advertising. Basic Websites. Tee Designs. Labels. Rubber Stamps.

Opened in The Mall in 2017 after completing 19 years at the Borrego Sun as Darkroom Tech, Layout Artist and Editor.

Wills and DNR forms. Local Blue Book Directory. Plate Frames. Decals.
Alien Abductee ID Cards. Postcards. Local Authored Books.

Originally a Fine Artist, my previous experience in printing dates back to 1978. An understanding of printing processes through lithography, screen-printing and quick print help our designs lend themselves to a proper outcome.