Galleta Meadows

Follow the child within you as you journey through a land of saber tooth tigers, sloths, camels, giant scorpions, and even dinosaurs!  Ricardo Breceda's art comes alive in a whimsical and historically intriguing way as you travel through Borrego Springs. 

Dispersed throughout the Borrego Valley are over 130 meticulously crafted metal sculptures. Elephants, raptors, mammoths, sloths, and saber-toothed tigers prowl the desert off Borrego Springs Road north and south of the town proper. From ground-hugging desert tortoises to rearing horses, each rust-colored sculpture is filled with intricate detail–from the curling eyelashes of 10-foot high elephants to the shaved metal fur of the equally imposing sloths.

Maps and interpretive brochures highlighting the sculptures are available throughout town.  Or if you prefer a more rambling adventure just keep your eyes open as you drive the edge of town and explore what you find.  Most sculptures are a short walk from the paved road and also generally ok to drive directly up to in a 2wd vehicle.  Or if you are in the mood for some exercise, rent a bike and take a morning excursion into the bizarrely captivating landscape of Galleta Meadows!

It is free to visit the sculptures. You do not need a State Park's pass.

Maps and information are available at the Park Visitor Center, the State Park Store operated by the Anza-Borrego Foundation and from the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association store.

For guided tours to the statues please see Bike Borrego