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In 1932 Marshal and Tanya South moved to Ghost Mountain to live a good life and raise three children atop a desert mountain during the depression.  Today a short drive down a 2WD (typically) road in Blair Valley leads you to the start of the path hiked by the South family thousands of times over as they hauled beds, framing, food, cement, rebar, and other implements of living to their humble site of Yaquitepec.  The hike is a moderate climb taking about 30 minutes to ascend the 1 mile trail.  Spectacular views and the remains of the home and water catchments paint a fraction of the picture of what it would have been like to live 17 years atop Ghost Mountain.  Indulge in the history of Ghost Mountain and explore the surrounding walking paths, pictographs and morteros left behind from when American Indians lived in the area before the South family arrived.  Today you can enjoy the beauty that brought so many before you to the magical mountain called Yaquitepec.

Consider camping in Blair Valley and starting an early morning hike to watch the sun rise from Ghost Mountain.  Or if hotels are more your style, you can read about spending the night on Ghost Mountain HERE.  For hiking specifics please visit All Trails.

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