Nomination Guidelines

What are the Guidelines for a Geotourism Site?

A test for inclusion on the website:Is the spot, attraction, business, activity or experience distinctive to the Borrego region, and is it authentic? Examples may include: 

  • Remarkable natural areas and geologic features such as creeks, lakes, bluffs, beaches, wetlands, forests, rivers or canyons
  • Distinctive wildlife habitats and notable species of birds, mammals, flowers or trees
  • Places featuring local cuisine or agricultural products: farmers markets, shops and restaurants, agri-tourism sites
  • Events, ceremonies, festivals that highlight our community’s heritage, food, music and traditions
  • Cultural experiences: heritage sites, museums, theaters, music, literature and performing arts
  • Artist studios and galleries, craft workshops, shops featuring handmade items from the region
  • Outdoor experiences such as hiking, biking, hunting, horseback riding, wildflower photography, desert tours, water activities, or heritage areas
  • Historic places such as trails, battle sites, cultural sites, distinctive local architecture or Native American sites
  • Scenic routes including hiking trails, bike routes, waterways, birding trails and scenic byways
  • Community stewardship projects, land trusts, conservation or restoration initiatives
  • Locally owned and family businesses including cafés, pubs, craft shops, wineries, and unique lodging
  • Local artists or artisans, storytellers, outdoor guides or historians
  • Legends, stories or other unique aspects of our region

Once you identify a potential site, consider what makes the site unique:

  • What story does this site or experience help tell?
  • Are there significant historic, cultural or natural features associated with the site?
  • Is it under-appreciated by local residents and visitors, or is it already crowded or at capacity?
  • Does the site offer a unique experience? Is there local awareness and pride in this place?
  • Do the community and local businesses benefit from and support visitation at the site?
  • Is interpretative or educational information available at the site?

For further information, assistance, or questions contact:

Jim Dion,, 202-604-2847